Wednesday 23 October 2013

My, one of the most adventurous Motor-Biking expedition through Old Mughal Road in Jammu & Kashmir (July-August-2012)

Hi, It’s me Ashok    Parimoo

Just a statement of my thoughts

I, ASHOK PARIMOO, just want to make a statement that the odyssey of my travel blog is just like any tourist information and not as a historian. So, please don’t contradict the narrations of my travel blog, regarding the information that I have divulged about the places, those which I have visited. Thank you guys.

Since, I don’t want to frustrate my Blog readers, to read in one go, my whole descriptive narration of the “Mughal Road” motor-Biking adventurous escapade. So, to the best of my ability, just to try to make it more interesting for the reader of my blog, I have decided to write the descriptions of the whole trip just like a short story book, compiling all the events of each day into each chapter. In total it was 15 days trip, so it has 15 chapters in all. My each chapter begins with my different picture at the top of the chapter, so that my readers don’t get bored seeing me in the same one picture pose.

The contents of my "Mughal Road Blog" are
 Chapter-01-(Day-1) #-- @ Jammu Getting our motor bikes final repairs
                                            and maintenance done and then  Jammu city Sight seeing

 Chapter-02-(Day-2) #-- Leaving from Jammu city and night stay at Deera Gali.

 Chapter-03-(Day-3) #-- Leaving from Deera Gali and night stay at Yousmarg

 Chapter-04-(Day-4) #-- Leaving from Yousmarg and night stay at Srinagar city

 Chapter-05-(Day-5) #-- Leaving for Gulmarg  and night stay back at Srinagar

 Chapter-06-(Day-6) #--Sight seeing @ Srinagar

 Chapter-07-(Day-7) #-- Sight seeing @ Srinagar

 Chapter-08-(Day-8) #-- Sight seeing @ Srinagar

 Chapter-09-(Day-9) #-- Sight seeing @ Srinagar

 Chapter-10-(Day-10) #-- Leaving from Srinagar and night stay at Anathnag

 Chapter-11-(Day-11) #-- Leaving from Anathnag and night stay at Kokarnag

 Chapter-12-(Day-12) #-- Leaving from Kokarnag and night stay at Doda 

 Chapter-13-(Day-13) #-- Leaving from Doda and night stay at Katara "Vaishnodevi"

 Chapter-14-(Day-14) #-- Leaving from Katara and night stay at Jammu

 Chapter-15-(Day-15) #-- @ Jammu visiting Pakistan Boarder

 Chapter-15-(Day-15) #-- In the same evening leaving from Jammu to Delhi by Train

After lot of consultations and debating about all the en-route possible travelling pro & Cons, with my elder brother BUSHAN  PARIMOO, who thoroughly knows almost the whole region. Finally we came to the conclusion of our “FINAL TRAVEL ROUTE PLAN”. And  the route plan is from-----

  Jammu---Akhnoor---Chooki choora---Kalidhar---Bhamla---Sunderbani---Baripatan---Nowshera--- Chengus---Rajouri---Thanamandi---Deera Gali---Buffliaz---Bahramgala---Nooricham---Poshana---Chaata pani---Ratta chamb---Mansar---Peer ki  Gali---Peermarg---Lalgulam---Zazinadh---Dobjan---Heerpor---Shalwasan---Borihalan—Aharbal Water-Falls---Shopian –-- keller –--Abhama---Sungerwan ---Sonbanger--- Pakhripora---Yuusmarg---Cherar Shrief Ziarart---Cheedoora---Nowgam--- Srinager---Zeesthtaa Devi Temple –--Dal Lake –---- Harwan –Dachigam ---Shalimar---Nishatbagh---Gopi Tirath Ashram--- Cheshma Shai---Parii mahal--- Dargh Shrief--- Nagin lake –--Hariparbat--- Kheerbani--- Gulmarg via naebal---Manigam---Kunzar---Tangmarg­-- Gulmarg to Bootapathri---Back to Srinagar---Anantnagh---jawaher tunnel--- verinag---Dooru Shaabadh---Kokernag –-- Wailoo--- Daksum---Sainthan  top---Synthan Pass--- Chatroo—Kishtwar –- Doda---Batote---Patni top---Udhampur- –katra---Vaishnodevi Bhawan---Back to Jammu




  1. Wow! Wow! The crusader finally hits the blogosphere. Hope you do not sign off abruptly after an enthusiastic start as many bloggers do. Good beginning and wish you happy journey in blog world.

    Rajesh Naik.

  2. Very nice Ashok !! Looking forward to more!
    Missing my Bullet !
    All the Best.

    Sheel Vatsia

  3. Ashokji is one of the RE fan & rider..he is a gentlemen..a very senior member of URU..accommodates himself with all ages..i have done couple rides with him & i have enjoyed his company very much..I wish him all the best...looking forward for more rides with u ..especially the great Ladak ride..once again hats off to u..:)

  4. I am eagerly waiting to read the chapters in full. Keep adventuring and share them with those who get a lot from them.

  5. Ashok, we must do this some time!!

  6. Want to read the chapters too!